Premium Dog Food Made in Germany

Happy Dog Produktwelt

Happy Dog Trockenfutter steht für gesunde Hundeernährung in bester Qualität "Made in Germany". Unser Premium Hundefutter ist besonders ausgewogen, hoch verdaulich und reich an hochwertigen tierischen Proteinen. Dank unseres natürlichen Ernährungskonzepts kommen alle Futtersorten ohne künstliche Farb-, Aroma- und Konservierungsstoffe sowie ohne Zuckerzusatz aus. Die schonende Zubereitung natürlicher und hochwertiger Rohstoffe sichert eine 100 % ausgewogene und hochwertige Ernährung deines Hundes.
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Happy Dog
VET Diet Intestinal wet
To regulate acute and chronic problems of the gastrointestinal tract
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure France
Meat food from delicious duck for dogs who enjoy natural food
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Italy
Buffalo Pure meat food also ideal for sensitive dogs
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Africa
Ostrich Pure meat food for gourmet dogs with sensitive stomachs
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Texas
Meat nutrition from delicious turkey meat for gourmet dogs.
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Montana
Horse Pure meat-based food is perfect for sensitive dogs
Happy Dog
VET Diet Renal wet
Veterinary special diet for renal insufficiency
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Neuseeland
Pure lamb highly digestible meat-based food for sensitive gourmets
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Sardinia
Meat nutrition with nutritious goat for sensitive dogs
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Australia
Meat-based food ideal for dogs with food intolerances
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Germany
Meat-based food made from wholesome beef for nature-loving gourmets
Happy Dog
VET Diet Adipositas wet
Veterinary special diet to reduce excess weight
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Sweden
Meat-based food made from selected game for nature-loving gourmets
Happy Dog
VET Diet Struvit wet
Special diet to dissolve and prevent struvite stones
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Norway
Meat food from the finest sea fish - ideal for coat and skin
Happy Dog
Sensible Puppy & Junior Can - Lamb & Rice
Well tolerated canned food for growing dogs
Happy Dog
Sensible Puppy & Junior Can - Chicken, Salmon & Potato
Wet food for harmonious puppy growth
Happy Dog
VET Diet Skin Protect wet
Medicinal wet food for dogs with skin conditions
Happy Dog
VET Diet Recovery wet 6x200g
Nutrition to promote weight gain and regeneration

Wet food for your dog - tasty treats

Dogs love wet food and usually go wild about it. But is wet food really better for your dog and what exactly distinguishes it from dry food? Wet food for dogs is primarily characterised by its high proportion of animal protein. This dog food therefore comes very close to the original food of the dogs' ancestors. Wet dog food has a moisture content of up to 83 percent, whereas dry food only has about 10 percent. If your four-legged friend is to receive sufficient nutrients, they will therefore require a larger quantity of wet food than with the more concentrated dry food. Dogs with a large appetite will therefore be satisfied faster with a wet food meal. Dry food first needs to swell in the stomach before it fills it. Wet food can also be beneficial for dogs that suffer from tooth and gum problems and struggle to chew.

The price of wet food for your dog is higher than that of dry food, but in the context of mixed feeding or mixed with food flakes, feeding with high-quality meat products is also quite affordable.