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Happy Dog dry food stands for superior ‘Made in Germany’ quality. Our product lines are especially well-balanced, easily digestible and rich in high-quality animal proteins. All feeds are free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and added sugar. The gentle preparation of natural and high-quality raw materials ensures a 100% balanced and species-appropriate diet for your dog. An overview of all our product lines can be found here.
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Happy Dog
Soft Snack France
Soft, grain-free snack treat with tasty duck
Happy Dog
Soft Snack Africa
Soft, grain-free snack treat with African ostrich meat
Happy Dog
Soft Snack Montana
Soft, grain-free snack treat with hearty horsemeat
Happy Dog
VET Diet Intestinal wet
To regulate acute and chronic problems of the gastrointestinal tract
Happy Dog
Soft Snack Mini New Zealand
Soft, gluten-free snack treat with lamb for small dogs
Happy Dog
Soft Snack New Zealand
Soft, gluten-free snack treat with easy to digest lamb 
Happy Dog
Soft Snack Ireland
Soft snack treat with delicate salmon and rabbit ideal for skin & coat
Happy Dog
Soft Snack Toscana
Soft, grain-free snack treat with delicious duck and salmon
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure France
Meat food from delicious duck for dogs who enjoy natural food
Happy Dog
Soft Snack Mini Africa
Soft, grain-free snack treat with ostrich meat for small dogs
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Italy
Buffalo Pure meat food also ideal for sensitive dogs
Happy Dog
VET Diet Hypersensitivity dry
Medicinal dog food for food intolerances
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Africa
Ostrich Pure meat food for gourmet dogs with sensitive stomachs
Happy Dog
Meat Snack Bavaria
Reward your dog with juicy beef from Germany, dried with care
Happy Dog
Meat Snack North Sea
As a dog reward – Duck meat from Germany, dried with care
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Texas
Meat nutrition from delicious turkey meat for gourmet dogs.
Happy Dog
Meat Snack Black Forest
Horsemeat from Germany, dried with care, as a reward for your dog
Happy Dog
Sensible New Zealand
Especially gentle on the stomach and intestinal system with choice lamb
Happy Dog
Sensible Montana
Grain-free with horsemeat for food-intolerant dogs
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Montana
Horse Pure meat-based food is perfect for sensitive dogs
Happy Dog
fit & vital - Medium Adult
Balanced all-in-one food for mid-sized dogs up to 25kg
Happy Dog
Meat Snack Lüneburg Heath
Reward your dog with lamb meat from Germany, dried with care

Premium dog food for your four-legged friend

A healthy and balanced diet is the basis for a long and active dog's life. That's why it's essential to choose the right food for your dog. Whether you choose a premium dry dog food or a wet dog food, both types of food provide your dog with all the important nutrients he needs. It is often the dog's personal preference that decides whether a dry food or a premium wet food goes into the bowl. Ultimately, the quality of the food is decisive.

But what is premium dog food?

By premium dog food we mean a high-quality dog food that is prepared using only the best ingredients in a gentle manufacturing process. Only natural ingredients are used, preferably from regional cultivation. Another characteristic of high-quality nutrition is a high meat content in the dog food. Both the selection of our high-quality raw materials and the gentle preparation are carried out in accordance with the highest quality standards. Our commitment to the highest quality pays off, as our customers have made Happy Dog the best dog food brand in Germany.

Dry dog food

The advantage of dry food for your dog is that the teeth are strengthened by the intensive biting and chewing of the dry food croquettes and the teeth are cleaned by the abrasion. In addition, dry food does not spoil as quickly as wet food and is cheaper. However, your dog should always be provided with fresh water when fed with dry food, as only little moisture is absorbed with the dry food. Premium dry food is very high in energy, which is why you should always follow the recommended feeding amount. This can vary depending on the size and activity level of your dog.

Premium wet food

Wet dog food, as the name suggests, contains much more moisture than dry food. Even when feeding wet food, your dog should always be provided with a water bowl. Especially for dogs that tend to drink too little, feeding wet food can be an advantage because the amount of water they need to drink is reduced due to the high moisture content in wet food. If you feed your dog a combination of dry and wet food, then you use a mixed diet. For example, your dog will be fed dry food in the morning and wet food in the evening. With mixed feeding, the advantages of both feeding methods can be combined. Whether wet food, dry food or mixed feeding - all these feeding methods are basically suitable for all adult dogs from small to large breeds. If your dog has special requirements for his food, for example because he has a sensitive digestion, suffers from allergies or has a food intolerance, then diet and special foods are more suitable for him.

Grain-free dog food with vegetables

According to our nutritional concept, premium dog food for puppies, adults or senior dogs contains meat as the most important ingredient, for example chicken, duck, beef or lamb. Fish such as salmon is also used as a protein source for high-quality dog food. In addition, Happy Dog dog food contains potato or rice as a source of carbohydrates and vegetables, depending on the variety. The tasty dog food recipes are refined with beneficial herbs. Our Happy Dog wet dog food cans, which contain valuable meat or fish from only one animal species, are ideal for sensitive dogs, for whom dog food without grain is better tolerated. Happy Dog wet food consists of 100% animal protein and is produced without grain, soy or added sugar. In our online shop we offer you the complete selection of Happy Dog dog food. You're sure to find the right dog food for your pet!