Premium Dog Food Made in Germany

People & Pioneering Spirit

“We stand for a healthy and varied diet and accept responsibility for people, animals and the environment.”

Family Müller

This is what you can rely on with Happy Dog

The Müller family has been producing high-quality pet food in Wehringen, Bavaria, for three generations. As great dog lovers and the associated pursuit of optimal nutrition, we have developed unique recipes for the health and vitality of your dog.

The special thing about it: the carefully composed variety of natural ingredients. We prefer raw materials from local farmers and thus personally stand for the safe origin of our food ingredients. Only high-quality proteins are used in our products and get combined with the valuable properties of herbs. Happy Dog offers exactly the food your dog needs. For every size, for every need, for every age - from puppies to seniors.

Our vision

“We want every pet to have a long, healthy and happy life.”

Georg Müller, CEO

Our pioneering spirit...

...makes us the home of thoroughly healthy pet food

As a family business, we have seen ourselves as pioneers and the home of healthy nutrition for over 250 years. Through innovative developments such as our medical dog food line VET, which offered the first nutritionally therapeutic full range, or our premium dry food, which thanks to unique Natural Life Concept®, was considered the first wholesome dog food, we consider ourselves pioneers. As pioneers of ethical standards, today we also focus on the development of alternative nutrition products. We produce pet food from the best natural raw materials with the greatest care and responsibility and see ourselves as "pioneers of healthy pet food".

Lucia Rettenbeck

“As a pioneer of thoroughly healthy pet food it is my goal to develop innovative and nutritionally balanced recipes. In order to reap the benefits of the latest scientific knowledge, we work hard to continuously further develop and redevelop our range.”

Veterinarian in product development
Andrea Göbel

“As a pioneer of thoroughly healthy pet food we have been taking our own dogs to work with us for many years. We thus lead the way for other employers, and demonstrate the benefits of working together with “Man’s best friend.”

Veterinarian in the service
Thomas Blöchinger

“As a pioneer of thoroughly healthy pet food we produce our pet food responsibly and in harmony with Mother Nature. This means going back to the source and, among other things, also using insects as protein carriers in our pet food.”

Veterinarian in the service
Thorsten Stoyke

“As pioneers of healthy pet food, it is important for us to meet our customers at eye level. In order to do this, we listen and look very carefully to discover the wishes and needs of our pet owners.”

Head of Marketing & Service
Nikola Prather

“As a pioneer of thoroughly healthy pet food, I hope to contribute to making the world of packaging both more attractive and more sustainable. At Interquell we not only look at the external appearance; we also thoroughly examine the content and transparency of the packaging messages.”

Communication designer
Andreas Müller

"As a pioneer of healthy pet food, I have a responsibility to increase sustainability throughout the company. As part of the sustainability initiative founded in 2020, I am committed to environmental protection measures and sustainable projects."

Project Manager Sustainability
Vanessa Grimm

"As pioneers of healthy pet food, we veterinarians and veterinary assistants in customer service are happy to help you find the most suitable and species-appropriate food for your dog."

Veterinary nurse
Michael Hedde

“As a pioneer of thoroughly healthy pet food for over 50 years we have put all our pioneering spirit into developing modern food products to benefit dogs and cats.”

Financial accountant
Wolfgang Hein

"As a pioneer of healthy pet food, we ensure the outstanding quality of our innovative pet food with the latest analytical methods."

Quality Assurer