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The right dog food for every nutritional requirement

For over 50 years, we have been passionately producing pet food from natural ingredients, high-quality raw materials and under strict quality controls. We consciously avoid the use of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Of course, the use of sugar, soy and genetic engineering is also taboo for us and our recipes are constantly improved and further optimized according to the latest scientific findings. In addition to valuable and high-quality raw materials, love is the most important ingredient for our dog food.

The needs of our dogs are individually very different. For example, age and metabolism have an important influence on the nutrient and energy requirements. From young to old, from leisurely to active, for nutritionally sensitive gourmets and nature lovers - with us you will find the right food for your dog. In addition to species-appropriate and natural recipes, the following points are particularly close to our hearts:

  • The right portion of meat - Meat and valuable animal proteins in the best quality are the most important component in our pet food. Thus, this proportion of the total protein in our dry food is up to 90%

  • Fresh and naturalness from Bavaria - as far as possible, we source our raw materials from Bavaria.

  • Well supplied from the start - With the unique and patented Happy Dog heart kibble, the puppy gets what it needs from the start: Puppy food of the highest quality, which is easy to chew and even easier to digest than conventional kibble

Happy Dog Young 

For a perfect start in life

Love goes through the stomach - so it also belongs in the bowl. Happy Dog Young products deliver the highest quality and greatest care for your puppy and young dog. Happy Dog has developed the 2-phase concept to support age- and needs-appropriate growth. A balanced and species-appropriate diet is an essential prerequisite for the optimal development of the dog child. Since the growth of dogs from 10 kg (adult dog weight) is different in the puppy and young dog phase, the recipes of Happy Dog Young products are based on the needs of each phase. The puppy is supplied with everything the organism needs - for healthy growth, a strong immune system, a stable musculoskeletal system and a shiny coat. The Happy Dog Young products combine the highest quality with the greatest care.

What does the 2-phase concept mean now?

The first 6 months are the "main growth phase". During this time, the puppy grows very rapidly. Depending on the breed, the puppy reaches here already about 75% of its later weight as an adult dog. The need for energy and high-quality nutrients in appropriate quantities is correspondingly high during this time. Until a young dog is fully grown, another 12 to 18 months pass. In the 2nd growth phase, the young quadruped takes considerably more time. The weight gain slows down. To avoid growth disorders, the energy content of the food must be reduced.

Further advantages of Happy Dog Young:

  • unique heart croquette with hole: it is easier to chew and easier to digest. Due to the hole in the middle it breaks faster and due to the larger surface it can be digested better

  • with many valuable animal proteins: tasty meat, tasty fish and vitamin-rich offal

  • gluten-free ingredients

Happy Dog Mini – large selection for small breeds

The love for the smallest detail is in every variety Happy Dog Mini, the product line for small dog breeds up to 10 kg. The Happy Dog Mini products were developed to meet the needs of small pelt noses. Of course, we have also thought of the mouths of small gourmets and therefore there are: small kibbles for small dogs.

For all varieties of the Happy Dog Mini line applies:

  • super premium quality for the highest standards

  • unique recipes and exclusive ingredients

  • optimally adapted to the daily activity and the individual metabolic disposition of the dog 

  • the right food for every age and need

Happy Dog NaturCroq – Good from home tastes every four-legged friend!

Prepared from the best ingredients of the nature of Bavaria and the extra portion of love of home - that distinguishes our NaturCroq line. Up to 80% of the ingredients come from local farms: regional poultry, local beef and cereals from the region. We enrich these with valuable, local herbs such as green oats, parsley and garden cress, offering naturally healthy nutrition for every stage of life. 100% balanced and species-appropriate

  • from puppies to seniors - there is something for everyone

  • in many different delicious flavors

  • with rice and healthy whole grains

Happy Dog VET

Medical dog food with veterinary product recommendation

Your dog has health problems and your vet has diagnosed a disease such as obesity, a food allergy, or a kidney disease? Then ask your vet about the appropriate food for your dog. Since nutrition can significantly support a dog's health, our VET team has made it their business to develop special food for special needs. With our VET pet food we offer the right food for the most common indications. Our recipes are developed by experienced veterinarians. So we ensure an optimal supply of your pelt nose.

For the following indications there is a medical dog food from Happy Dog: 

  • acute and chronic diseases of the digestive system (eg diarrhea, disorders of fat digestion or pancreatic insufficiency) Feed allergies or intolerances

  • skin diseases

  • kidney diseases 

  • liver diseases

  • obesity

  • urinary stones

  • leishmaniasis

  • regeneration and weight gain (eg after severe injuries)