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Happy Dog Senior dog food

Our best dog food for senior dogs from the age of 10 is particularly easy to digest and gentle on the body. The function of internal organs such as the liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system often decline with age, metabolic functions usually work more slowly and immune defences are usually weaker. Since the metabolism of older dogs also slows down and their activity decreases, we have developed a special senior food with a moderate energy content.

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Happy Dog
VET Diet Intestinal wet
To regulate acute and chronic problems of the gastrointestinal tract
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure France
Meat food from delicious duck for dogs who enjoy natural food
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Italy
Buffalo Pure meat food also ideal for sensitive dogs
Happy Dog
VET Diet Hypersensitivity dry
Medicinal dog food for food intolerances
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Africa
Ostrich Pure meat food for gourmet dogs with sensitive stomachs
Happy Dog
Meat Snack Bavaria
Reward your dog with juicy beef from Germany, dried with care
Happy Dog
Meat Snack North Sea
As a dog reward – Duck meat from Germany, dried with care
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Texas
Meat nutrition from delicious turkey meat for gourmet dogs.
Happy Dog
Meat Snack Black Forest
Horsemeat from Germany, dried with care, as a reward for your dog
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Montana
Horse Pure meat-based food is perfect for sensitive dogs
Happy Dog
Meat Snack Lüneburg Heath
Reward your dog with lamb meat from Germany, dried with care
Happy Dog
Beef Scalp
Intensive chewing fun for your dog in premium quality from Germany
Happy Dog
VET Diet Renal wet
Veterinary special diet for renal insufficiency
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Neuseeland
Pure lamb highly digestible meat-based food for sensitive gourmets
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Sardinia
Meat nutrition with nutritious goat for sensitive dogs
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Australia
Meat-based food ideal for dogs with food intolerances
Happy Dog
fit & vital - Senior
Perfectly tailored to the needs of senior dogs
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Germany
Meat-based food made from wholesome beef for nature-loving gourmets
Happy Dog
Beef Omasum Tripe
Crispy chewing fun for your dog in premium quality from Germany
Happy Dog
VET Diet Adipositas wet
Veterinary special diet to reduce excess weight
Happy Dog
Soft Snack India
Soft, vegetarian snack with rice, peas and turmeric
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Sweden
Meat-based food made from selected game for nature-loving gourmets

Premium quality dry food for senior dogs

Good dog food for dogs in their prime age

Dogs live up to an average of ten to 16 years with good care and the right dog food. With increasing age, a dog's metabolism changes. The efficiency of the intestines decreases. That is why older dogs need special dog food to stay healthy. Dry food for senior dogs needs to be easily digestible. The nutrient and protein content of the dog food must be adapted to the needs of an older dog. This is the only way to keep your four-legged friend fit for a long time.

Happy Dog dry food for senior dogs is particularly gentle on the intestines and optimally adapted to the lower nutritional requirements of older dogs. Our Supreme fit & vital Senior dry food contains valuable New Zealand mussels with extracts important for healthy joints. Supreme Mini Senior dry food is especially formulated for the needs of small dog breeds. If you are looking for a good and affordable dry food for your senior dog, we recommend NaturCroq Senior with particularly easy-to-digest ingredients.