Premium Dog Food Made in Germany

Happy Dog Sensible

For sensitive gourmets with particularly high demands: The super premium dog food is based on exclusive and select ingredients from around the world. Thanks to the gluten-free and/or grain-free recipes, the Sensible varieties are also ideal for nutritionally sensitive dogs. It also provides the ideal solution for the needs-oriented nutrition of demanding dogs. These sophisticated recipes are perfect for adult four-legged friends of all breeds over 11 kg.

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Happy Dog
Soft Snack France
Soft, grain-free snack treat with tasty duck
Happy Dog
Soft Snack Africa
Soft, grain-free snack treat with African ostrich meat
Happy Dog
Soft Snack Montana
Soft, grain-free snack treat with hearty horsemeat
Happy Dog
Soft Snack New Zealand
Soft, gluten-free snack treat with easy to digest lamb 
Happy Dog
Soft Snack Ireland
Soft snack treat with delicate salmon and rabbit ideal for skin & coat
Happy Dog
Soft Snack Toscana
Soft, grain-free snack treat with delicious duck and salmon
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure France
Meat food from delicious duck for dogs who enjoy natural food
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Italy
Buffalo Pure meat food also ideal for sensitive dogs
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Africa
Ostrich Pure meat food for gourmet dogs with sensitive stomachs
Happy Dog
Meat Snack Bavaria
Reward your dog with juicy beef from Germany, dried with care
Happy Dog
Meat Snack North Sea
As a dog reward – Duck meat from Germany, dried with care
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Texas
Meat nutrition from delicious turkey meat for gourmet dogs.
Happy Dog
Meat Snack Black Forest
Horsemeat from Germany, dried with care, as a reward for your dog
Happy Dog
Sensible New Zealand
Especially gentle on the stomach and intestinal system with choice lamb
Happy Dog
Sensible Montana
Grain-free with horsemeat for food-intolerant dogs
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Montana
Horse Pure meat-based food is perfect for sensitive dogs
Happy Dog
Meat Snack Lüneburg Heath
Reward your dog with lamb meat from Germany, dried with care
Happy Dog
Sensible Toscana
Gluten-free with low-fat sea fisch and duck for neutered dogs
Happy Dog
Sensible Africa
Grain-free with ostrich meat for gourmet dogs with food sensitivities
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Neuseeland
Pure lamb highly digestible meat-based food for sensitive gourmets
Happy Dog
Sensible Pure Sardinia
Meat nutrition with nutritious goat for sensitive dogs
Happy Dog
Sensible Piemonte
Duck and sea fisch with fine chestnut for sensitive gourmet dogs

Premium dog food for sensitive, adult dogs

Alle Premium Hundefuttersorten der Linie Happy Dog Sensible bringen nicht nur besonders schmackhafte und bekömmliche Abwechslung in den Napf, sondern bieten gezielt Lösungen für die Ernährung anspruchsvoller und sensibler Hunde. Eine besonders schmackhafte Abwechslung auch für Leckermäuler:

  • with valuable animal proteins (meat, fish & offal - depending on recipe)
  • for adult dogs of all breeds
  • extremely high digestibility
  • ideal for nutritionally sensitive dogs
  • or for all those who want to feed something special
  • gluten-free and/or grain-free recipes