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Happy Dog Young

For a perfect start in life

A balanced and species-appropriate diet is essential to ensure that your puppy grows up as he should. Dogs with an adult weight of 10 kg or above grow differently in the puppy and young dog phases, so the recipes used in our Happy Dog Puppy & Junior products focus on the needs of each phase. Your puppy receives everything his body needs – for healthy growth, a strong immune system, a robust musculoskeletal system and a glossy coat. Happy Dog Young products combine the highest quality with the maximum care.

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Happy Dog
NaturCroq Junior
Natural food for optimal growth in puppies from all breeds
Happy Dog
fit & vital - Junior
Balanced complete feed for young dogs
Happy Dog
NaturCroq Puppy
Natural food for optimal puppy development in all breeds
Happy Dog
Sensible Junior - Chicken, Salmon & Potato
Highly digestible young dog food with chicken, salmon & potatoes
Happy Dog
Soft Snack Puppy & Junior
Soft, stomach-friendly treats for puppies
Happy Dog
Sensible Junior - Lamb & Rice
Complete feed for sensitive young dogs with lamb & rice
Happy Dog
Junior Giant Lamb & Rice
Balanced all-in-one food for junior giant breed dogs
Happy Dog
Puppy Milk Prebiotic
Puppy milk for motherless rearing from day one
Happy Dog
Sensible Puppy - Chicken, Salmon & Potato
Easy to digest puppy food with chicken, salmon and potatoes
Happy Dog
Sensible Puppy & Junior Can - Lamb & Rice
Well tolerated canned food for growing dogs
Happy Dog
Sensible Puppy & Junior Can - Chicken, Salmon & Potato
Wet food for harmonious puppy growth
Happy Dog
Puppy Starter - Lamb & Rice
For familiarisation with solid food during hand-rearing 
Happy Dog
Soft Snack Mini Puppy
Soft snack for small-breed puppies and young dogs
Happy Dog
fit & vital - Puppy
Complete feed for puppies with lots of high-quality proteins
Happy Dog
Sensible Puppy - Lamb & Rice
Very well tolerated complete puppy feed with lamb and rice
Happy Dog
fit & vital Snack Puppy & Junior
Boosts your puppy's immune system
Happy Dog
Baby Giant Lamb & Rice
Balanced complete food for puppies of giant breeds
Happy Dog
NaturCroq Mini Puppy Training Snack
Stomach-friendly snack for growing mini dogs
Happy Dog
fit & vital Mini Puppy
Gluten-free complete feed for little young dogs from 4 weeks
Happy Dog
Sensible Mini Puppy
Poultry-free complete food for little young dogs from 4 weeks
Happy Dog
NaturCroq Mini Puppy
Natural food for optimum development of small breed puppies

Needs-based 2-phase nutrition for puppies and young dogs

The protein and energy requirements of medium and large breeds vary during the puppy and young dog phase. Happy Dog has developed a 2-phase concept to support age- and needs-appropriate growth. In addition to providing optimum support for growth, Happy Dog Young products have other advantages:

  • ideal calcium / phosphorus content
  • no use of vegetable protein substitutes (e.g. soy) in dry food* (*except Happy Dog Baby Starter)
  • gluten-free ingredients* practical combination of all necessary vital substances
  • dry food made from the highest quality animal protein raw materials with a guarantee of origin