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Product description

Plant-based snack for adult mini dogs

When you give your little dog treats, would you like to avoid meat and prefer to offer a vegetarian snack version? Then reach for our plant-based Soft Snack Mini India. The composition of rice, peas and turmeric is inspired by Indian cuisine. Just like our vegetarian dog food, Happy Dog Mini India, our vegetarian treats are ideal for small dogs with food intolerances since the composition is especially stomach and gut-friendly.

From a simple command through to a clever trick – make learning easier with Soft Snacks

When your little dog performs a task correctly, you can reward him with our vegetarian treats. Your little dog may even be prepared to learn a few tricks from you! Toy poodles, Havanese and similar can be motivated to rehearse a new party piece if motivated with the right training snack. Try teaching them to run through your legs in a figure of eight, jump through a small tyre or roll over on the ground. Regardless of whether you are simply practising the basic commands or teaching your little dog to perform tricks, our Happy Dog Soft Snacks for mini dogs are the ideal incentive.

Complementary feed for adult dogs up to 10 kg.

Feeding recommendation

Give a few pieces several times a day as a reward or just because. Make sure that fresh water is available at all times.


Derivatives of vegetable origin (including coconut* (0.09 %), turmeric* (0.07 %)), rice (15 %), rice protein* (11,5 %), flaked peas (3 %), hydrolysed protein (from milk derivatives), sunflower oil, yeasts*, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, dried whole egg, cranberries* (0.08 %)

*) dried

Analytical components

Crude protein 12.5 %, crude fat 4.0 %, crude fibre 4.0 %, crude ash 5.0 %, moisture 14 %, omega-6 fatty acids 1.0 %, omega-3 fatty acids 0.1 %


Vitamin A (3a672a) 7000 IU, vitamin D3 (3a671) 400 IU, L-carnitine (3a910) 355 mg, taurine (3a370) 780 mg

Trace elements/kg:
Iron (as 3b103) 25 mg, copper (as 3b405) 5 mg, zinc (as 3b603) 30 mg, manganese (as 3b502) 6 mg, iodine (as 3b202) 0.6 mg, selenium (as 3b801) 0.1 mg

Amino acids/kg:
DL-methionine (3c301) 1740 mg, L-tryptophan (3c440) 780 mg

Antioxidant, tocopherol-rich extracts from plant oils 1b306(i)

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