Premium Dog Food Made in Germany
Product description

Snack for small-breed dogs made with natural ingredients from Bavaria

The sugar-free training snack with tasty salmon is ideal as a training reward or simply as a treat for small dogs. Again we ensure that our products are regionally-based and offer a balanced variety of proteins. With its bone shape, this small training snack with the extra portion of country love is very easy to divide into portions, making it ideal for even the tiniest dogs.

Snack with salmon – ideal for the skin & coat of mini-dogs

Just like our Happy Dog NaturCroq Lachs & Reis dry food, our Happy Dog NaturCroq Mini Lachs & Reis Training Snack contains the right amount of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to promote a healthy skin and glossy coat. If your little dog’s coat is rather dull, then we recommend offering a few of our delectable treats for small dogs during training or as a treat at any time.

Feeding recommendation

Give a few pieces several times a day as a reward or just because. Make sure that fresh water is available at all times.


Derivatives of vegetable origin* (including apple pomace (0.45 %), green oats*, sunflowers* (0.05 %), cress*, parsley* (total green herbs: 0.2 %)), poultry protein*, wholegrain wheat, wholegrain maize, wheat flour, maize flour, rice (5.5 %), wholegrain barley, salmon meal (4 %), sunflower oil, hydrolysed protein*, yeasts*, potassium chloride, sodium chloride

*) dried

Analytical components

Crude protein 15.5 %, crude fat 5.5 %, crude fibre 1.5 %, crude ash 6.5 %, moisture 14 %


Vitamin A (3a672a) 10500 IU, vitamin D3 (3a671) 600 IU

Trace elements/kg:
Iron (as 3b103) 35 mg, copper (as 3b405) 8 mg, zinc (as 3b603) 65 mg, manganese (as 3b502) 7 mg, iodine (as 3b202) 2 mg, selenium (as 3b801) 0.1 mg

Antioxidant, tocopherol-rich extracts from plant oils 1b306(i)

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