Premium Dog Food Made in Germany
Product description

Horsemeat from Germany, gently dried

Do you have a sensitive four-legged friend with various food intolerances? Then our Meat Snacks could be just the thing for them! Reward your dog with an extra helping of horsemeat. Imagine you’re walking with your dog through the Black Forest, and you both take a dip in one of the many lakes to cool down.

This grain-free recipe with gluten-free potato is ideally suited to hard-to-please dogs of all sizes, and is vet-recommended for cases of food intolerance. The snacks are easy to break into pieces, which makes them perfect for training your dog, or just as a reward for in-between times. The snacks are made without added sugar and are preservative-free, and the bag has a handy seal to keep the snacks fresh. Sustainable, responsible business practices and top quality is very important to us, and so we ensure that the meat for our Meat Snacks comes from reputable breeders in Germany, is transported the shortest possible distance, and is processed with care.

Feeding recommendation

Offer a few pieces several times a day as a reward or in between meals.


Horsemeat (60%), plant-based by-products (potato flakes, apple fibre), minerals.

Analytical components

Crude protein 23.7%, crude fat 11.3%, crude fibre 1.6%, crude ash 8.9%, moisture 14.5%.

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