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Happy Dog Puppy Milk Prebiotic

Puppy milk for motherless rearing from day one
Easily digestible

Easily digestible

With special</br> cultures for stabilising the intestine

With special
cultures for stabilising the intestine

Low lactose content

Low lactose content

enthält Prebiotika (MOS) für die Darmflora

enthält Prebiotika (MOS) für die Darmflora

Puppy Milk Prebiotic

Wholesome and balanced milk feed for puppies right from the very first day

Happy Dog Puppy Milk ensures constant and steady growth in the first few days and weeks. This puppy milk is specially tailored to the needs of young puppies, and supplies them with balanced amounts of all the vital nutrients if the mother is unable to produce milk or cannot supply enough milk. It is perfectly matched to the sensitive digestive tracts of young dogs, and offers a low lactose content (no more than 25%) and special probiotic cultures to stabilise the gut.

In addition to calcium (which helps the develop of bones, joints and ligaments), Happy Dog Puppy Milk Probiotic contains all the vital minerals, vitamins and trace elements in perfectly adapted amounts that puppies need in the first few days and weeks of life. As well as being used for motherless rearing or as a supplement to the mother’s milk, Puppy Milk can also be given to the nursing bitch. Puppy Milk is also highly soluble and ensures excellent acceptance.\n

It is very easy to prepare. Simply stir the powder into warm water and give to the puppy. The serving temperature should be around 35 °C.

Complete feed for puppies right from day one.


Note on switching from Puppy Milk probiotics to prebiotics from June 2022:

We always want to offer you products of the highest quality, which is why we have switched our puppy milk from probiotics to prebiotics. The stability of the puppy milk can thus be better guaranteed. In addition, the easily digestible Puppy Milk Prebiotik with intestinal-stabilizing prebiotics (MOS) naturally helps to build up the intestinal flora of the puppies. MOS are oligosaccharides from yeast cell walls (mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS)). They serve as a nutrient substrate for beneficial intestinal bacteria such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria and support the proliferation of healthy intestinal bacteria. In this way, they help to keep the bacterial colonization of the intestine in a healthy balance.

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