Premium Dog Food Made in Germany
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Happy Dog Sensible Pure Norway

Meat food from the finest sea fish - ideal for coat and skin


Grain-free formulation

Grain-free formulation

Especially tasty

Especially tasty

Vet-recommended for</br> food intolerance

Vet-recommended for
food intolerance

Sensible Pure Norway

100% animal protein from sea fish*

With Happy Dog Sensible Pure Norway premium wet dog food you are filling your dog’s bowl with pure natural goodness. Our high-quality wet food is made from 100% valuable white fish (cod, plaice) and fine salmon and contains vital vitamins and minerals. The wet food is free from soya and other plant-based ingredients.

Sensible Pure Norway is ideal for adult dogs of all breeds and for sensitive dogs with food intolerances. Would you like to see your dog with a silky, glossy coat? Sea fish contains a high amount of important Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which help develop a healthy skin barrier and shiny coat.

This pure meat diet is perfect as a complete food given on its own or in owner-prepared meals, and is ideal combined with Happy Dog Flakes Mixer. The Flakes Mixer provides important vegetable-based fibre for a healthy diet to help support the digestion and provide carbohydrates for energy.

Do you want to introduce more variety into your four-legged friend’s diet, in addition to dry food? Then just switch some of the dry food for a portion of wet food, and give your pet more added enjoyment. Happy Dog Sensible Pure Norway can be ideally combined with the dry food Happy Dog Sensible Karibik (sea fish & potatoes), Piemonte (sea fish, duck & sweet chestnuts) or Ireland (salmon & rabbit).

* May contain traces of other proteins due to the manufacturing process.

Complete feed for adult dogs.

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