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Happy Dog VET Diet Adipositas dry

Veterinary special diet to reduce excess weight
Reducing excess weight

Reducing excess weight

Higher protein content

Higher protein content

Satisfying fibre

Satisfying fibre

Reduced energy content

Reduced energy content

VET Diet Adipositas dry

Dietary complete feed for reduction of excessive body weight in adult dogs

Happy Dog VET Diet Adipositas is used to reduce excessive body weight. The main feature of this diet is the greatly reduced level of energy. It is rich in high-grade protein and filling dietary fibre. The special recipe creates the optimum conditions for weight reduction to protect the internal organs, and helps to maintain and improve the physical condition. Valuable nutrients such as hydrolysed collagen, New Zealand mussels and glucosamine complete the recipe. The herbs it contains – rosemary and ginger – are traditionally used as supplements to stimulate the metabolism.

  • Increased dietary fibre content helps to give a long-lasting feeling of fullness to overweight dogs
  • A high level of highly digestible protein helps to maintain muscle strength during weight reduction
  • New Zealand mussels, glucosamine and hydrolysed collagen help to support good joint function

Dietary complete feed for adult dogs for reduction of excessive body weight. Happy Dog VET Diet Adipositas is only available on the recommendation of your vet.


Additional advice:

It is recommended that a veterinarian’s opinion be sought before using a diet food.

For an efficient weight loss or ideal weight maintenance, the recommended daily energy intake should not be exceeded.

Fresh water should be available to your dog at all times.

The weight reduction should take place under veterinary supervision.

For best effect, feed the dietary food exclusively. Discuss any supplementary nutrition needs with your vet.

The animal should be regularly checked to ensure that it is losing weight at the optimum rate of 1 - 3% of the current body weight per week.

The amount of food should be adapted to suit the individual pet’s metabolism, so it may be necessary over time to reduce or increase the quantity to a certain extent.

Offer your dog several small meals per day unless otherwise recommended by your vet.

To avoid digestive disorders, we recommend that you change the food gradually over the course of several days.

Recommended period of use: Until target body weight is achieved and after if required to maintain the ideal weight.

If mixing with Happy Dog VET Diet Adipositas wet food, please note that 100 g wet food is equivalent to 25 g dry food

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