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Happy Dog Sensible Mini India

Vegetarian recipe with rice, peas and turmeric for small dogs
Vegetarian recipe

Vegetarian recipe

Small croquettes

Small croquettes

Vet-recommended for</br> food intolerance

Vet-recommended for
food intolerance

Optimal for skin and coat

Optimal for skin and coat

Sensible Mini India

100 % vegetarian food for little gourmets

Our nutrition experts were inspired by Indian cuisine when they developed our vegetarian dog food. The purely plant-based recipe contains peas as a high-quality source of protein and dietary fibre. Together with well-tolerated rice and turmeric, Happy Dog Mini India is especially stomach and gut-friendly. A healthy skin and glossy coat are promoted by the coconut contained in the recipe, which is rich in valuable fatty acids. Cranberries also supply valuable vitamins and antioxidants. So our vegetarian dog food is ideal for discerning and sensitive small dogs.

Is a purely vegetarian diet possible for small dogs?

You must be wondering whether a 100 % vegetarian dog food will supply your little four-legged friend with everything he needs. In fact, Happy Dog Mini India is a complete menu which fully covers your little dog’s nutrient requirements – even without meat – and tastes equally delicious. Especially for small dogs with food intolerances or allergies, our vegetarian dog food is a suitable alternative.

Complete feed for adult dogs up to 10 kg with normal activity levels.

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