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Happy Dog fit & vital Mini Senior

Perfectly tailored to the needs of small senior dogs
Balanced range of proteins

Balanced range of proteins

Wheat-free formulation

Wheat-free formulation

Small croquettes

Small croquettes

Support for the</br> locomotor system

Support for the
locomotor system

fit & vital Mini Senior

Digestible and balanced wholesome diet for small dogs in the 3rd stage of life

Does your older four-legged friend need a food that is near-natural and balanced with an extra portion of health? Then Happy Dog fit & vital Mini Senior is the right dry food for you. Five different protein components from salmon, sea fish, egg, lamb and poultry provide a healthy variety, exactly as Nature intended.

  • Salmon: rich in essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and so perfect for skin and coat
  • Sea fish: supplies your senior dog with various vitamins
  • Egg: biologically important protein
  • Lamb: contains lots of valuable minerals
  • Poultry: nutrient-rich and supplies vital trace elements

Fit & vital into a ripe old age

Happy Dog fit & vital Mini Senior is ideally tailored to the needs of older dogs since organ metabolism changes with increasing age. This delicious and wholesome food for senior dogs with its optimum protein, phosphorus and sodium content is gentle on the internal organs. Relieves stress on the heart and kidneys in particular. The wheat-free recipe is also enriched with energy-giving L-carnitine, while the New Zealand mussels increase enjoyment of exercise. Vitamin C also boosts the body’s own immune defences. Vitality and joie de vivre are possible into a ripe old age, allowing you to spend lots more beautiful moments with your four-legged friend.

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