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Happy Dog fit & vital - Senior

Perfectly tailored to the needs of senior dogs
Balanced range of proteins

Balanced range of proteins

Wheat-free formulation

Wheat-free formulation

Support for the</br> locomotor system

Support for the
locomotor system

Protects the organs

Protects the organs

fit & vital - Senior

Digestible, balanced wholefood for dogs in the third stage of life

A well-balanced food that follows nature’s example – could this be what you’re looking for to feed your four-legged friend? Then Happy Dog fit & vital is perfect for your pet. Because, true to nature’s example, the five different protein ingredients – salmon, sea fisch, egg, lamb and poultry – ensure a healthy range of proteins. Salmon has essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which are optimal for skin and coat. sea fisch, which is very easy to digest, provides the body with many different vitamins, while the egg delivers valuable protein and the lamb supplies vital minerals. The recipe is rounded off with poultry, which is especially nutritious and delivers essential trace elements.

Happy Dog fit & vital Senior is ideally adapted to the needs of older dogs, because, with increasing age, the metabolism of the internal organs changes. The delicious, easily digested wholefood, with optimal protein, phosphorous and sodium content, is gentle on the organs, and is based on the unique Happy Dog Natural Life Concept®. The organ-protecting, gluten-free formulation, is enriched with vitalising L-Carnitin, and with the New Zealand mussels for improved mobility, while vitamin C supports the body’s defence system. In this way, vitality and zest for life are possible even into old age, and you can still spend lots of lovely times with your four-legged friend.

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