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Happy Dog VET Mobility Snack

Soft gluten-free snack for the musculoskeletal system


Gluten-free formulation

Gluten-free formulation

Especially tasty

Especially tasty

Support for the</br> locomotor system

Support for the
locomotor system

VET Mobility Snack

Veterinary snack to support the musculoskeletal system
The VET Mobility soft snack is ideal as a training reward for adult dogs. It was specially developed to offer optimum support for the joints. This snack is the perfect complement to our Happy Dog VET Mobility dry food. A whole range of nutrients play an important role in the performance of musculoskeletal system. Essential fatty acids from fish can help to improve mobility and load-bearing capacity. The glucosamine which occurs naturally in the connective tissue of the cartilage and in the synovial fluid keeps the joint flexible. Collagen occurs in tendons, ligaments and the articular cartilage and provides elasticity and stability. The Happy Dog VET Mobility snack contains balanced amounts of these nutrients, so your dog will have a better quality of life, be more willing to perform and have more fun exercising. The snacks are produced with no added sugar or preservatives, and the resealable pack ensures long-lasting freshness. Pamper your faithful friend with something special between meals!

Complementary feed for adult dogs.
Check with your vet to make sure the snack is suitable for your dog.

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