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Happy Dog VET Diet Hepatic (Liver) dry

Special diet for support with liver disease
For liver disease

For liver disease

Easily digestible

Easily digestible

Lower copper</br> and sodium content

Lower copper
and sodium content

Lower protein content

Lower protein content

VET Diet Hepatic (Liver) dry

Special veterinary diet for support with liver disease

Happy Dog VET Diet Hepatic makes an important contribution in the case of dogs with chronic liver disease by providing relief and support to the liver. A significant level of high-value proteins with high energy content is effective in reducing the burden of harmful by-products and helps support protein metabolism. The amino-acid profile of this complete food diet is specifically tailored to meet the needs of pets with liver disease, and the balanced formulation with milk thistle ensures optimal supply of nutrients from easily digestible ingredients. The vitamin and trace elements (moderate levels of copper) are tailored to the specific requirements of dogs with liver disease. The diet helps bind the ammonia in the intestine, promotes intestinal flora and the integrity of the intestine, and offers antioxidant protection. With this, VET Diet Hepatic supports liver function in dogs with liver disease.

Happy Dog VET Diet Hepatic can be used for the following indications: liver disease, hepatic encephalopathy and liver shunt. Feeding the diet to animals younger than the 6th or to pregnant or lactating females, or animals with hyperlipidaemia or hepatic lipidosis, is not recommended.

Only available with veterinary recommendation.

Additional information:

  • It is recommended that you seek veterinary advice before using the product or extending the period of use.
  • For optimal results, the diet should be fed exclusively. Giving supplementary food should be discussed with your vet.
  • Recommended period of use: Initially for up to 6 months
  • Unless otherwise recommended by your vet, offer several small meals per day.
  • The feed quantity should be adjusted to suit the individual animal’s metabolism and may be reduced or increased as necessary.

Always make sure fresh water is available.

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Happy Dog VET Hepatic

Support for dogs with chronic liver disease

Happy Dog VET Diet Hepatic can make an important contribution in cases of chronic liver disease by providing relief and support to the liver. Carefully selected ingredients such as easily digestible rice and salmon, and milk thistle which is traditionally used for liver disease, all ensure a balance of nutrients.

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