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Happy Dog Pre-Start

Happy Dog Pre-Start
High motivation and improved water uptake

Optimal high motivation and improved water uptake

For dogs, as for people, it’s vital that the water content in the body is well-balanced before undergoing training or carrying out strenuous activities. In this way, you can avoid the muscles over-acidifying. In sled sports it is emphasised that the dogs must drink a minimum of 500 - 750 ml of water before the start of a race. However, most dogs don’t like to drink water before they work, so a product is required to encourage the dogs to drink. This is where Pre-Start is the ideal solution – it encourages the dog to drink prior to training sessions or competitions, and also helps fill the stomach, because no food can be given just before a competition.

Happy Dog Pre-Start can be given in other dog sports, too, to better regulate the fluid balance in working, performance and sporting dogs before they start their activities. Combined with our Power Plus, which aids regeneration after sport or work activities, we offer a perfect combination for performance dogs. Due to the maltodextrin content, Power Plus should not be given to the dog before carrying out strenuous activity. The main purpose of maltodextrin is to replenish the energy and water balance after strenuous exertion.

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