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Happy Dog Sensible India

Vegetarian recipe with rice, peas and turmeric
Vegetarian recipe

Vegetarian recipe

Vet-recommended for</br> food intolerance

Vet-recommended for
food intolerance

Gentle on the stomach and intestine

Gentle on the stomach and intestine

Optimal for skin and coat

Optimal for skin and coat

Sensible India

Vegetarian composition with rice, peas and turmeric for sensitive little gourmets

This vegetarian recipe with well-tolerated rice and peas was carefully compiled to bring greater variety to your dog’s bowl. It is a real treat containing lots of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to encourage a glossy coat and healthy skin Combined with the valuable properties of cranberries, coconut and turmeric it is the perfect diet for discerning and sensitive dogs of mid-sized and large breeds. Along with highly digestible and very well tolerated rice, Happy Dog India also contains delicate peas which provide lots of protein and dietary fibre. In combination with turmeric, the other ingredients promote good digestion. Cranberries also supply valuable vitamins and antioxidants which bind free radicals and can guarantee active cell protection. Coconut is rich in valuable fatty acids and so supports the skin and coat.

Complete feed for adult, normally active dogs from 11 kg.

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