hd herstellungsverfahren

Manufacturing process

Learn how our premium dog food is made from natural ingredients. The secret lies in the perfect recipe and the Thermostufenmix®.

Would you like to know how Happy Dog dry food is made?

Do you feed your pet Happy Dog dry food each day and are interested in how our high-quality dog food is prepared? Here we explain step by step how we make our kibble: from natural ingredients into delicious dry food.

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Take just the right portion of meat as well as offal rich in vital substances, and combine it with valuable plant-based vital substances and healthy carbohydrate sources, such as potatoes. We are able to achieve a particularly gentle preparation with the Thermostufenmix®. This is how high quality and tasty Happy Dog dry foods are made in Wehringen, Bavaria.



Natural raw materials from farmers in our Bavarian homeland

We confidently place the rearing of the animals and cultivation of plant-based raw materials in the hands of our carefully selected agricultural partner companies. Animal welfare is extremely important to us when it comes to our meat suppliers. We attach just as much importance to sourcing as many of the plant-based raw materials as possible, such as cereals, potatoes and local herbs, from predominantly regional agriculture.


Short delivery routes for more freshness

The majority of our ingredients come from the region around Augsburg. Thanks to the short distance, we always receive our produce fresh, directly from the field. In this way, we protect the environment and support farmers in our home country.


Grinder & Mixer

Grinding & mixing

All raw materials for our premium dog food are checked for foreign bodies by several vibrating sieves and magnets, so that your pet only receives pure food. The ingredients are then ground and mixed in a mill. This process takes about 4 minutes.



Gentle preparation: so vitamins and nutrients are preserved

The feed mixture is first gently pre-treated with steam for about one hour and heated. In stage two, the mixture is kneaded in the extruder tube at a temperature of at least 90 degrees Celsius and then shaped into croquettes.

Drying & finishing

Carefully dried & refined with oil

The croquettes are dried for 22 minutes at 125 degrees Celcius. After this process, they only have a maximum moisture content of 12%, which ensures a longer shelf life. Finally, the dry food is refined with high-quality oils and antioxidants and cooled to ambient temperature.


Testing & packing

Quality control: Because only the best feed ends up in the sack

The croquettes then pass through a metal detector again, because providing the highest quality is our top priority. That is why the finished croquettes are also carefully checked in the laboratory. Only when we are absolutely sure that our premium dog food has been produced in the best quality with natural ingredients and the perfect recipe, are the kibbles packed in different sized bags.

This is quality ‘made in Germany’.