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The Story of our Brand

50 years experience and expertise in producing
premium quality dog food

50 Years of Happy Dog

The story of our dog food 1970 - 2020

How the pioneering company that started out offering complete flaked dog food became the leading specialist dog food brand in Germany and was rated Germany’s best dog food...
It all began in 1965 in Wehringen in Bavaria, when the first dog food made of wet food and flakes was produced, and launched under the name ‘Müllers Dog Food’. In 1970, Edmund Müller was among the first to develop an all-in-one food for dogs that was easy to digest. At that time, the food was made from dried meat, maize flakes and vegetables, and was very popular, particularly among breeders. That was the starting point for the Happy Dog brand. Since then the Müller family company has made it their mission to produce the perfect dog food. And with success – in 2019 Happy Dog was rated the best dog food brand in Germany. Today we are the home of healthy animal nutrition and guarantee the highest quality Premium Hundefutter – made in Germany.

1965 - First dog food
First dog food production started with ‘Müller's dog food’. This consisted of flakes and wet food.
hd meullers tiernahrung 1965
1970 - Happy Dog
Edmund Müller developed one of the first easily digestible complete food for dogs, consisting of dried meat, maize flakes and vegetables. Müller's dog food brand became Happy Dog.
hd happydog wird geboren 1970
1975 - Croquettes for the first time
The first extruder for the production of dog and cat food in croquette form started up and complemented the previous production of food flakes.
hd erster extruder 1975
1992 - First complete feed croquette
With Happy Dog NaturCroq, Interquell launched the first complete food for dogs in croquette form onto the market.
hd naturcroq 1992
2000 - Premium market
Happy Dog entered the super premium segment for dog food with Supreme Salmon and Rabbit. The first ‘sensitive’ varieties were Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.
hd supreme 2000
2015 - Trade favourite
Happy Dog became the leading specialist retail brand in Germany in the dry dog food sector.
hd fachhandel 2015
2019 - Test winner
A customer satisfaction survey conducted by the German Association for Consumer Studies (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien mbH) revealed: Happy Dog is the best dog food brand in Germany
2020 - Product of the year
No less than three products received the award for 2020 Product of the Year from FutterTester.de:
Happy Cat Bio in the category Wet Cat Food
Happy Dog Soft Snack for Dog Snacks and
Goood Freilandlamm for dry dog food
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2021 – Seal of Quality
Our new vegetarian variety Sensible India excelled in the food test, being awarded 9.3 out of 10 stars.
hd futtertest india 2021
2021 – Product of the Year
The best food from all tests in 2021 and crowned as the Product of the Year 2021 by Futtertester.de in the dry dog food category: Happy Dog fit & vital Medium Adult
hd magazin produkt des jahres medium adult_1zu1

Developments in our Happy Dog packaging

In 1970, when the Müller family first used the Happy Dog brand name for their dog food, the packaging was very simple. Over the years, our packaging has gradually developed, to provide protection for our high quality products and seal in freshness. In addition, multifunctional packaging has become increasingly important as a means to provide information for dog owners, such as Ingredients and feeding recommendations.

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