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Sustainability initiative

Our commitment and our responsibility extend much further than the bowl.

For generations, Interquell petfood has stood for healthy and varied pet food and has assumed responsibility for people, animals and the environment.
We love animals and we respect nature. So we want every pet to have a long, healthy and happy life. Every day we work to create species-appropriate and sustainable pet food. We also strive to minimise our environmental footprint. Where possible, we source our animal-based ingredients from livestock raised on high-welfare regional farms. We are also developing new products with alternative protein sources, such as insects. We support active animal and species conservation, focussing our efforts on innovative projects associated with the protection of pets, farm and wild animals. We also promote the use of office dogs. At our Wehringen site, we already have 21 dogs helping to create a pleasant working environment.

Out of conviction...

... we want to be a sustainable company

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CEO Georg Müller

As a family-owned company, now in its third generation, we accept our responsibility and want to establish a strategic direction on the issue of sustainability at Interquell Petfood. Our sustainability initiative is an integrated concept and central driving force for the dynamic and successful development of our company with the aim of creating a more sustainable future.

Andreas Müller, project leader for the sustainability initiative

As one of the young generation in our family-owned company, sustainable development in harmony with our planet and society is very important to me. This major, inter-generational challenge needs to be tackled step by step. We want to face up to our responsibility towards our customers and employees, towards pets and, of course, towards all the other stakeholders and future generations.

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From our love of the environment...

... we have started a sustainability initiative

With support from a greenologist, project leader Andreas Müller set up a sustainability initiative in 2020. Since then, organised teams have worked on environmental protection measures and sustainable projects for all divisions of Interquell petfood; these are now being gradually implemented.

Some of the environmental protection measures at Happy Dog